The insect repellent revolution ushers in a new era of fertilizers

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The insect repellent revolution ushers in a new era of fertilizers

——The spread of wheat diseases is actually very simple to control——


Product features:

This product is a kind of functional fertilizer developed by Nanjing Red Triangle Ecological Fertilizer Co., Ltd., which carefully adds nutrients required by six crops on the basis of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium: seaweed, loss control element, glutamic acid, silicon selenium protease, chitin, and more than 20 kinds of trace elements. Under the action of biofilm, this product controls the release more accurately, stably, effectively, and has a higher utilization rate, making the release time and amount of fertilizer more in line with the plant's growth cycle. The beneficial bacteria contained can rapidly reproduce and use their characteristics to quickly become the dominant microbial community in the root system, effectively protecting crop roots and resisting other pathogenic microorganisms from invading the roots; At the same time, it continuously secretes peptide antibiotic to inhibit the reproduction and germination of harmful bacteria. The factors contained in it have insect repellent functions. Underground pests and aboveground pests have obvious evasive and inhibitory effects. Secondly, beneficial bacteria quickly reproduce around crop roots to form an effective microbial protection barrier, which can improve the adaptability of crops to adversity.


Six major functions:

Controlled release: The nutrient elements required for wheat growth are evenly compressed into granules, and slowly released according to growth needs to avoid nutrient interruption and continuous release.

Humidity control: beneficial microorganisms can secrete auxin and other active substances during metabolism, activate the soil, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, maintain water and fertilizer, and improve crop drought resistance.

Disease control: The rapid proliferation of beneficial bacteria can inhibit the survival of pathogenic microorganisms, degrade the residues of fertilizer and pesticide damage in the soil, and improve crop stress resistance.


Bacterial control: using bacteria to control bacteria, rapidly multiplying multiple trace elements, prioritizing the occupation and production of antibiotics, and killing harmful bacteria.

Fertilization control: The trace elements in the product have significant effects on rooting and rooting promotion, manifested as well-developed root whiskers, good absorption, average crop yield increase of 10% -30%, and significantly improved wheat quality.


Insect repellent: The beneficial bacteria contained have insect repellent functions, while underground and aboveground pests have auxiliary and inhibitory effects. Secondly, beneficial bacteria rapidly propagate around crop roots, forming effective microbial protection.


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