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Will fertilizer lose its effect if left too long?

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From the characteristics of fertilizers, they have been correctly stored, with intact packaging bags, moisture-proof and rainproof, and should not be stored together with alkaline substances. Generally, they can be stored for a long time. Therefore, currently, there is no specified shelf life for fertilizers.

For example, some fertilizers such as urea, superphosphate, potassium sulfate, etc. can be stored in a cool and dry place for 20 years, and there may be fertilizer caking, but the nutrients, content, and other indicators will not change.

As for the long-term use of fertilizers, will they lose their effectiveness? It depends on the variety of fertilizers, and now we will give some commonly used fertilizer varieties:

Ammonium bicarbonate only loses weight, but the effect will not decrease.

When the temperature reaches zero degrees Celsius, there is almost no change in the effectiveness of fertilizers. Dear farmers, they can take advantage of the seasonal price reduction of ammonium bicarbonate in winter to purchase ammonium bicarbonate to prepare for the cultivation of farmland in the spring of the following year.


When the temperature reaches over thirty degrees Celsius, a large amount of ammonium bicarbonate will evaporate, and the originally dry ammonium bicarbonate will become moist due to evaporation. At this time, the weight of ammonium bicarbonate will decrease. So when storing, it is necessary to tie the bag tightly to prevent dampness and reduce losses for our farmers. Ammonium bicarbonate will not lose its effectiveness due to being left for too long. According to dry weight calculation, the fertilizer effect will not decrease, so weight loss does not mean that the effect will be lost.


Urea only loses weight but does not lose effectiveness

When dry, it can be stored for a long time without damage. But when the temperature reaches 122, urea will decompose, and when ammonia and carbon dioxide evaporate simultaneously, weight will be lost. Even if the warehouse catches fire, the remaining urea properties remain unchanged. Urea should be stored dry and not in contact with water or getting wet, otherwise it will lose weight.

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