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Based on agriculture, Red Triangle promoting green development

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China is a major agricultural country and also the country with the largest fertilizer use in the world. The application of fertilizers has played an important role in the sustained growth of China's food production. With the rapid growth of the world population, the demand for food by humans has gradually increased. In the context of green agricultural development, how to improve fertilizer utilization efficiency has become an important issue for people to consider. Among them, accelerating the research and development of new fertilizers can ensure that agricultural production develops along the direction of high yield and efficiency.


Nanjing Red Triangle Fertilizer Group has conducted research on the yield and environmental effects of new fertilizers through field experiments, involving mainly grain crops such as wheat, corn, and rice. These research results indicate that soybean phospholipid new fertilizers can improve crop yield and nitrogen fertilizer utilization efficiency, improve crop quality, reduce economic inputs, and reduce nitrogen loss. As a raw material for fertilizers, soybean phospholipids have the characteristic of promoting the cultivation of soil microorganisms in farmland, increasing the number of beneficial soil groups, improving the soil environment, and preventing soil compaction. Secondly, soybean phospholipids can directly provide crops with organic nutrients that can be directly absorbed and utilized, improving the taste and appearance of the fruit. The third point is that soybean phospholipids can directly regulate plant metabolism and stimulate crop growth. Fourthly, soybean phospholipids can also promote the growth of plant roots, promote flower and fruit preservation, and increase crop yield and quality.


Product features:

1. Stimulate root growth, improve low-temperature adaptability, bright color, fleshy texture, and beautiful appearance of fruits and vegetables.

2. Reduce salt damage caused by long-term fertilization, improve root absorption capacity, promote growth recovery, and promote crop growth.

3. Improve acidic soil by reducing root rot, dead trees, yellow leaves, fruit cracking, and nutrient deficiency.

4. Meet the nutrient needs of crops during peak periods, expand fruits, strengthen roots, enhance color, and ensure full water solubility and fast absorption of nutrients.


Nanjing Red Triangle Fertilizer Group has developed a series of products including soybean phospholipid and soybean phospholipid compound fertilizers, soybean phospholipid nitrate sulfur based fertilization, soybean phospholipid biological nitrogen, and trace elements in soybean phospholipids. The company has the world's most advanced NMN biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology for extracting soybean phospholipids, and is currently the only large-scale research and production base for soybean phospholipid composite fertilizers in China. Based on agriculture, rural areas, and farmers, promoting green development and contributing to world food production.


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